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Smarketing Score

Answer the following questions until your company’s CRO-Readiness Score appears.

  1. 1. There is a defined, executed, and measured Demand Process

  2. 2. There is a defined, executed, and measured Sales Process

  3. 3. There is a defined, executed, and measured Post-Sale Customer Lifecycle Process

  4. 4. The demand, sales, and customer lifecycle processes are: (Select the answer that most closely aligns)

  5. 5. Marketing consults with sales in the creation and management of sales lead generation campaigns

  6. 6. Sales has input into the creation and improvement of marketing collateral, both online and offline

  7. 7. Marketing and sales are well aligned through shared objectives and joint performance metrics

  8. 8. Sales has input into the planning and the execution of marketing campaigns

  9. 9. Sales consults with Marketing prior to setting sales targets

  10. 10. Both sales and marketing have access to the sales pipeline and related account information

  11. 11. Marketing has a good understanding of how sales executes

  12. 12. Sales understands how marketing fulfills buyers’ online interaction needs

  13. 13. Sales can easily find relevant and impactful marketing content and collateral for use with buyers and customers

  14. 14. Marketing has a good understanding of which marketing materials are being used by the top-performing salespeople

  15. 15. There is a formal process for capturing, creating, and distributing of customer testimonials

  16. 16. Sales can easily provide feedback on sales and marketing materials to drive improvement/optimization.

  17. 17. Marketing has insight into the sales forecasting process

  18. 18. Marketing leverages insights from the sales pipeline and forecast to adjust its digital demand programs

  19. 19. Marketing, sales, and customer success operate: (Select the answer that most closely aligns)

  20. 20. Marketing is rewarded and recognized for its contribution to success in revenue generation

  21. 21. Sales and marketing hold each other accountable for their respective goals, KPIs, and contributions to revenue generation

  22. 22. Sales knows how to effectively leverage all resources (including portfolio marketing and product developers) in their interactions with customers

  23. 23. Marketing works with Customer Success to support digital interactions with customers post-sale

  24. 24. Customer Success has easy access to collateral that supports post-sales customer adoption, value realization, and expansion efforts

  25. 25. There is an effective handoff between sales and customer success such that customer expectations and value requirements can be realized post-sale

  26. 26. Customer success and marketing participate in sales account and territory planning and quarterly review sessions

  27. 27. Insights collected by marketing from buyer interactions are readily available to sellers and customer success managers

  28. 28. Sales, Marketing, and Customer success identify what technology investments to make: (Select the answer that most closely aligns)

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