Chief Revenue Officers are mission-critical hires for B2B companies.

CEOs must first understand why they really need one, and how to structure their company properly to ensure they succeed.
CROs cannot afford to walk in without a clearly defined roadmap for success.
The CRO Collective helps CROs win and helps CEOs mitigate the risks that come with hiring one.
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Misalignment is the disease.

CROs are the Cure.

The CRO Collective offers a suite of services and programs that enable B2B companies to grow through a unique focus on the success of Chief Revenue Officers.

Why Chief Revenue Officers?

Misalignment between Sales, Marketing, and Customer success is the most vexing and pervasive issue facing B2B companies.


Revenue Team misalignment costs B2B businesses billions in lost revenue – and in many cases, is the sole reason that many B2B businesses fail in the first two years.
With the proper training and organizational support, The Chief Revenue Officer is uniquely qualified to solve this issue, permanently.

Our Services and Programs:

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CEOs: Ensure the Successful appointment of your Chief Revenue Officer

The CRO-Readiness’ Program​ is Phase One of a consulting program designed specifically for CEOs of B2B companies. The program promises to help CEOs understand the concept and requirements needed to build “CRO-Ready” organizations. CEOs will leave with tools, strategies, and roadmaps needed to align their sales, marketing, and customer success functions. It allows CEOs to understand why they REALLY need a CRO, how to get a good one, and appoint one successfully.

CROs: Your Roadmap to Succeed in the role, and hit the ground running from Day One.

CRO Collective Forum:  An 8-week group online course and forum designed specifically for Chief Revenue Officers to learn how to hit their KPIs and succeed in the role from Day 1.

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