Chief Revenue Officer Certification Program


Scaling B2B businesses has become increasingly complex. There’s more reason now than ever to develop yourself as a Revenue Leader.

You are likely seeing it at your own company. SaaS growth model dynamics are now permeating across all businesses. This approach is not slowing down, and revenue operations are increasingly developing their strategic decision-making processes across all functions – sales, marketing, and customer success. Possessing a diverse set of skills and competencies is a necessity to wrangle the modern revenue function of a business.

The CRO Collective’s Chief Revenue Officer Certification from the CRO Accelerator Course (link to page) provides you with the credentials you need for next-generation revenue leadership.

  • Learn what a CRO really does and how the role fits into the B2B organization and culture.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of how a CRO sets forth a framework for operational success.
  • Master the complexities of revenue leadership to effectively manage beyond hierarchy.
  • Build powerful leadership strategies to manage conflict in diverse teams.
  • Understand the competencies of a successful CRO and discover your own strengths and weaknesses.

The Chief Revenue Officer Certification is designed for Senior Level Sales and Marketing Leaders tasked with oversight, management, and implementation of sales or marketing initiatives and teams. If your company is exploring the appointment of a Chief Revenue Officer – or if you’re looking to build your skills, competencies, and credentials in pursuing a CRO role elsewhere — this is the right program for you.