Do you aspire to become a Chief Revenue Officer?

The CRO Accelerator Course kicks off on July 12th!

Chief Revenue Officers are now the most vital and critically important role in B2B businesses.

Landing the position is extremely difficult. The openings are few and the competition is fierce.

For everyone I've helped land a CRO role, this was good news. That's because everyone else had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

Above all, you likely lack 4 key things:

1) You lack a comprehensive understanding of what the CRO role actually entails.

2) You do not know the core competencies required to succeed in the role - or which of them you do and do not possess.

3) You are not properly prepared to use the interview to set yourself up to succeed BEFORE you accept the role.

4) You lack the confidence that comes with having a blueprint to succeed in the role from Day One.

If you are ready to go from VP to CRO, sign up for the CRO Accelerator Course to claim the advancement and respect you deserve.

Spots are going fast, so act quickly.

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